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Kisses For Kaeden


A new Chapter in Kisses for Kaeden......1.9/2014 Lil Kaeden stepping up to the Organization that was first started on behalf of his loving big 6 year old sister Kennedy,11 years earlier!!♥Go Kaeden Go!!!!♥ Cmn telethon June 1, 2014

our official 2016 auction winning basket pullers. Det. Matt & Det. Donnie from the LCPD♥ (really came through because our regular puller Sarge Nickel was away that day!!!!!! Presenting our epic funds on the telethon june 5th♥ with Miss Lori Burkholder
please click on above button to make your donation on line securely to help us to help them♥No amount is ever too small.ThankU xoxoxoxoxo♥kennedy
President and founder Kennedy & Baby Brother Kaeden of whom she first started her philanthropic self initiated service project "kisses for Kaeden" for November 2013

Our Mission

"Kisses for Kaeden's" goal is to raise awareness and funds for children as well as adults with heart defects and those in need as many ways possible to help those less fortunate,if its raising funds to purchase life saving medical equipment or comforting a scared child with a furry new stuffed friend or helping to feed and clothe someone in the winter months or speaking to groups to learn and stay heart healthy, we try to help.we may be just kids but we are kids who care and we want to help because....WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!! :)


16year-old Kennedy Jet Kulish started a youth service project ten years ago on behalf of her baby brother Kaeden, who was born with a very special heart: (dextra cardia,coartatation of the aorta,ventricular septal defect,aortic stenosis,ducious aortasus,interupped aortic arch & aortic Aererroplasty) Having under gone 3 open heart surgerys before his first birthday and a Heart valve transplant on july 18th 2012!!!! and a ballon heart cauterization on October 21 2013.Kennedy currently has 22 other youth serving as fellow "kisses" helpers, as well as several adult family and friend members helping with her mission. They can be seen with their smiley bright yellow t-shirts on as they set up their self-initiated fund raisers,bake sales,auctions, nail boutiques,lemonade stands etc.... throughout Lancaster County!


To date, the "Kisses for Kaeden" team has raised approximately $193,000 for several nonprofit organizations as well as over 3.200 volunteer service hours personally for the founder, Kennedy& 8,400 as a team. These organizations include Penn State Children's Hospital, (fund raising & donated $$$,making get well,birthday,valentine & Christmas cards for the children patients),  Children's Miracle Network,(fundraisers,yearly auction,24 hour dance marathon volunteers &donated $$$ & radio thon  engagements)   Kennedy(founder)dressing as Hershey Bar Character for the cmn/giant golf classic outing,  Lancaster City Police Department,(Fund raisers for disabled officer fund (Detective David Weiser) & tri monthly donation of stuffed animals to officers)  Ronald McDonald House( fundraisers & donated $$$ & collection of thousands of aluminum tabs for dialysis machines)  Juvenile Arthritis Foundation,(secures sponsors &pledges & participated in model show fundraiser)  America Heart Association(annual Heart walk participants,secured sponsors &pledges,fundraisers,jump rope for heart campaign fundraisers &donated $$$ & speaking engagements) United Way (annual Day of Caring volunteers -14years & Martin luther king day participants)2010,2011, Heart of America Foundation,(collected  over 1200 books and donated them to two inner city schools)  Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.,(Canister drives & helped with firefighters fill the boot campaign & telethon pledge volunteers & donated $$$)  American Red Cross, ( Katrina disaster fundraiser, Tsunami disaster fundraiser & presently Haiti disaster fundraiser)  Make a Wish Foundation (Mothers Day Convoy volunteers,Fundraisers to grant wishes)  "MOM" House of Lancaster!( non profit for teenage mothers with children to finish High school and secure a job) Purchasing gifts of clothing and toys each Christmas,donation of fresh vegetables & meat for the facility, organizing an end of the year graduation celebration for the young moms,children & staff, providing food,clown,donated gifts,face painting,tooth brushes,toys,rides,games & Donations) Hambright Elementary (donated large gift $$$ to school's family crisis fund) Lancaster Rec Commission,(Countdown Lancaster celebration volunteers-15 years) Water Street Rescue Mission (donation of gloves,hats & blankets each winter) Department of Pa. Department of transportation,( adopted a 3 mile stretch of Pa. Highway),maintaining and cleaning it 4 x a year along stoney battery road and church street, St Phillips Church (feeding our homeless & home bound each Thanksgiving)-14 years, Hershey Hearts Foundation ( fund raiser,donated $$$) Our heroes serving our country (packaging care packages filled with toiletries and munchies and sending them out to our awesome heroes) Boys & Girls club   (helping with distributing &sorting toys for the annual toys for tots program) Unicef Foundation-  (Served as State ambassador 2006 & 2007)Distributing and collecting to classmates lil orange trick or treat collection boxes 2003 to present) Daniels Den Playground (Family helped to help build this wonderful playground for children with disabilitys in mountville during build week 2008)Stoverdale united methodist church,hummelstown Pa. Guest speaker to their vacation bible school students & guest speaker to their adult church parishioners 9-2010 & helped to collect items for their shoebox christmas mission & helped to fill them 10-10,10/12.U.CP gift wrap volunteer 2010,2011,2012umbrellas & kisses,purchased 25 umbrellas & randomly give them to the elderly or moms with small children caught up in the rain 2011 to present  Kisses for Kaeden Nail Boutique & Face Painting stands to help raise funds and bring smiles ti inner city school children 2/2011 to present.Purchasing packs of batterys and flashlights and cases of water for our American Red Cross to aid families that have been affected by storm sandy11/1/2012.Making hundreds of handmade creative snowflakes and sending them to Connecticut to help with the winter wonderland they are creating for the returning students at sandy hook elementary 12/2012.helping those in dispair we started june 2014 to filllarge sandwich bags with needed items and we put them in our trunks of our vehicles,bags include,crackers, tissues,toothpaste/tooth brus,hand soap,wash cloth,mints etc..we give them to the people we meet while pan handling for $$ along the roads.they are so very appreciative for such a small act of kindness.

Kaeden is continuing what his big sis started......raising awareness & funds & speaking in the community about heart disease awareness for the A.H.A .just recently raising $4,000 with his kisses helpers for his jump rope for heart campaign 2014 &15.

Pursuing my Kennedy's kissable kupkake" adventure moving me steps closer to my dream of owning my very own buisnness of kennedy's kissable kupkakes & klubhouse(dreaming of it since i was 7.     4 years of h.s. then going to culinary school i will make it happen!baking my yummy cupcakes while still helping others with special win!!!!


 As a 6 year old, i proved no matter how young & Small i was i could make a difference. This was back in 2003 having my VERY FIRST Auction, i received donated items from like 12 businesses and set it up in my front yard. I wanted to raise $$ on behalf of kaeden(he had just come home from having his 2nd open heart surgery and i wanted to help CMN that helped my kaeden♥Now 9 years later with the help of over 100 businesses from our community and corporate offices we have our annual one in front of the very busy walmart!Kisses for Kaeden sure has come a Loooooooonnnnggggg way i am very proud to say♥


 About the founder:Kennedy recently graduated from H.S. & culinary School and is currently working in the culinary field. June 2015!

 About the founder:Kennedy recently graduated from H.S. & culinary School and is currently working in the culinary field. June 2015! while in H.S. she was member of her student council(5 years),student of Dance, Jr. Volunteer firefighter,  Avid Girl scout & currently a  High yellow belt rank in taekwon do classes.