Kisses For Kaeden



 This is Dr. John L. Myers Better known as  to"GOD" to us! (with kaeden & "pablo")This wonderful Man saved our kaeden's life through each and every open heart surgery he performed on kaeden♥

 kaeden as his alter ego spiderman thanking his super heroes at 105.7 radio for staying up all night to take donations from listeners to help CMN at penn state childrens hospital♥our big brother Don-john video taped Kaeden when he was 4 1/2 telling him where babies come from when our big sister Tabitha was giving birth to our niece Riley♥so this was one of those incredible moments that my mom captured on film....when president Bush came down on air force one in Lancaster to honor me with the call to service award,he was of course surrounded by all of his secret service men and kaeden being kaeden kept on tugging at the presidents coat jacket , over and over until just then OUR PRESIDENT you know the commander in Chief actually bent down to kaedens level to see what the urgency was.......Kaeden wanted to tell President Bush that there was a new ben ten toy he really really wanted at was hysterical♥


  Kaeden surrounded by the awesome donation of stuffed friends about to help sort and inspect and bag them to be delivered to LEMSA to help cheer up the kids they pick up on route to the hospital♥12/2012 i love this pic of kaeden because he dressed himself to a trip to sesame place he has a elmo hat on,pokemon shirt and spiderman shorts. & benten crocks on....gotta love his fashion sense♥(this was 2 days before his july 18th heart valve transplant surgery)

 Kaeden auditioned for the role for the commercial for jonah and the director loved him♥ its been airing all over pa.maryland,virginia since he filmed it in April 2012 and ends when the show does December 24th  2012. Its been so fun seeing him again on t.v. (this is his 3rd commercial)

 I cant believe kaeden is now of the age that he can and wants to help in the project that i first started on HIS behalf when he was born.Now 9 years later he is manning the lemonade stands,selling the baked goods and hotdogs and helping with all that kisses for kaeden does on a weekly basis♥     kaeden & his buddy Pablo waiting for blood workkaeden shopping for art supplies to donate to the butterfly kisses care baskets in NC to help them to bring smiles to the children in hospitals 11/2013

kaeden manning his lemonade stand at the KAH event in maryland oct2013