Kisses For Kaeden


July 2020 latest drop off of stuffed friends to the LEMSA♥ These lil guys have some cheering and comforting to do :)
Cookies for Cops October 2020 Kaeden with Sergeant Geyer of the Manor Township police
you ask your friends to help to support the police of our community and they respond heartfully♥

Please keep our lil man kaeden and his doc Myers pictured here in all of your thoughts and prayers as he under goes Open heart surgery to repair his ventricular valve to allow his blood to travel to his lungs normally On July 15th 2015.

surgery was a success♥

discharged after 6 days

small set back as kaeden right lung had a partial collapse 4 days later

July 18th 2012 Kaeden 4 days after his Heart valve transplant

 Cylo says Thumbs up to  Team "Kisses for Kaeden" 2015

Kaedens DQ commercial 2016         

Spidey (kaeden) with friend♥2018